Our vision

Motivated by the spirit of challenge and constant brainstorming, we strive to innovate and create new things and do not settle for anything less than our best.

We choose to be “Different with Good Reasons”.

Thoughts become things

What we think, we become. Our thoughts shape our reality, positive or negative. Nothing will happen if don’t do anything. We are not afraid to take on new adventures and turn our thoughts into action.

We truly believe in our power of positivity that we can make things happen.


As the Chinese proverb says

“Do not employ people who seem to be suspicious. Once employed, do not suspect them.”,

We put people first and appreciate the value of communication with our employees and business partners based on good faith.




Open a cryptocurrency exchange in Korea

Establish AIM GLOBAL

First half of 2018

Establish Hyten Global Korea Co., Ltd., a global network marketing company

Open Australian National Cryptocurrency Exchange (BitAU)


Sign the Exclusive Distribution Agreement in China and Korea for Lang Q, a language learning program

2nd half of 2018

Establish The Link Korea, Co., Ltd.

Launch cosmetics manufacturing business and booth sales business for Qingdao International Beer Festival

Develop the First Wisdom Coin (FWC) and blockchain infrastructure


Sign the Investment Agreement with Hyten Global LLC. a global network marketing company

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