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Australia National Cryptocurrency Exchange (Abbreviated as BitAU) was established in 2018 and headquartered in Sydney. As one of the world's most trusted digital asset trading platforms, BitAU strives to provide the safe and reliable solutions for both fiat and crypto currencies.


Public Transparent Query Mechanism

Traditional communication simply cannot achieve the ultimate goal of true openness and transparency. However, with the birth of blockchain technology, this goal can be fully realized. BitAU’s mission is to translate this possibility into Reality. BitAU will provide resumes with a real-time asset and transaction data query mechanism that is open to the public.


BitAU Fund Community Autonomous Organization

BitAU does not use a traditional centralized corporate structure, nor a CEO or board of directors. It will become a community-based, autonomous trading platform. With regard to blockchain technology and the concept of “token economics”, BitAU will By “holding mining”, “node mining” and other modes reward 45% of the hairstyle BAU to the user.

Protect the National (International) Security System

Security is the top priority of digital asset trading. Based on multi-signature, offline signature, secure and reliable layered architecture and other security design, the platform integrates mobile phone security protection, mission authentication protection, Google dual authentication. Security, offline BTC wallet, server load balancing and peer backup, ensuring users and funds are safe and secure. In addition, we will conduct external audits on a regular basis.

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