What We're Business

First Wisdom Holdings Group is a company that provides professional wealth management services to customers around the world.

We are providing the best service for customer satisfaction with our subsidiaries, partners and partners around the world.

Business Areas

Block Chain

Exchange listing consulting
Business Consulting
Coin-related total consulting service
Mainnet development, coin ecosystem development and construction

Asset Management

Providing customized investment and asset management solutions
Providing various investment products and financial management services

Startup Investment

Invest in areas such as science, media, and communications
Listed several companies on Hong Kong and Nasdaq

Corporate Finance

Company listing service, stock acquisition
Private Corporate Investment Fund (Private Equity Fund)
Merger Financial Advisory Services

Stock Trading

Providing a safe and fast platform and analysis system
Platform using smartphone

Foreign Exchange Trading

With advanced information technology and specialized research department
Provides fast analysis of global market trends
Directly refer to the foreign exchange price on the foreign exchange trading platform of First Wisdom and offer stable bids

Best Industry Leaders

We present the most reliable solution through collaboration with global companies around the world.

Growth at Your Own Pace

We support your project to grow healthy without rushing.

Professional Certification

Certified experts in each field are with you

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